[Marxism] Mike Davis on Trumps America

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 11:56:51 MDT 2018

Davis writes:

"Trumpism on the outside, nursing the belief that the nation has been
stolen, could become truly dangerous especially if the leader conveniently
died and left his legend to others to manipulate."

I don't think Trump has to die. He would be much more effective outside
power, at this point, than inside it, as the bearer of fascism. This,
because he would not have to govern but could concentrate solely on the
counterrevolution that drove him and his people from power.

He has already established the Leadership Principle regarding himself; what
he requires is total personal loyalty to him, Donald Trump, as the only one
who embodies their deepest dreams of a white America, and that is what a
segment of white America gives him. This is the secret -- well, hardly a
secret -- of the bed-rock 40% approval rating. What if it were to drop to
30% or even 20%? Sure, that would represent a trend against him and his
followers, but the absolute number 20% represents is daunting, because that
means he can do anything, literally anything, and the more hateful the
better, without losing their support.  The pussy-grabbing remark and its
nothing-burger consequence for Trump was enough to convince me that we're
dealing with an out-of-the-ordinary figure.

Trump has already achieved what no other president -- or any public
political figure anywhere, for that matter -- has accomplished in our
lifetimes: an independent mass communication network that connects him
personally, instantly, and authoritatively to millions of followers. I
speak of Twitter, but if not Twitter, then something else. That genie is
out of the bottle. This channel will not go away with impeachment. If I
were impeached and convicted Trump I would treat impeachment like Hitler
treated the Weimar Republic, as a counterrevolutionary betrayal of MAGA, a
conspiracy based on lies in service to the multi-colored menaces
threatening *our* shores and way of life. That's what Hitler did for years.
I guess it would be possible, in the manner of Woody Allen's Sleeper, to
keep the Orange Hair as a sort of muppet thing or maybe relic and just take
over the Twitter feed. Who would know.

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