[Marxism] is Trump really fascist?

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 06:35:58 MDT 2018

There is a potential mass movement that began to take shape quite a number
of years ago under the aegis (sp?) of the so-called "Christian Right."   My
best source on this is the Chris HEdges book AMERICAN FASCISTS which I
think was published over a decade ago (memory is hazy

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> In the first place, I hope nobody is claiming that we already have a
> fascist regime in place in the US. if they are, they will have to explain
> why we are not all writing not from prison, but from six feet under.
> Which brings me to my second point: What is Trump building? Is it fascism
> or what could popularly be called one-man rule, or bonapartism? I think
> there is an overlap between the two, but one element that distinguishes
> fascism is a real, crazed mass base willing to go to the greatest extremes
> and a militia directly controlled by the fascist movement. The Islamic
> State has those characteristics, in my opinion. Trumpism does not. But it's
> what enables fascism to go farther than bonapartism.  Whether Trump will be
> able to achieve a true fully bonapartist, or one-man, rule is an open
> question, in my opinion. Which already says a lot, much more than I ever
> expected to be able to say about the US in my lifetime.
> John Reimann
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