[Marxism] "What to do about 10, 000 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Idlib?"

mkaradjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 09:09:51 MDT 2018

Indeed, this slipped into another article announcing a new supposedly
harder response to the current Assad-Putin massacre going on in Idlib:

"Asked whether the United States would consider its own airstrikes
against terrorist forces who are interspersed with Syrian rebel
fighters in Idlib, Jeffrey said, “We have asked repeatedly for
permission to operate” there, and “that would be one way” to respond."

So US sour grapes about not being allowed to continue its own bombing
of rebels in Idlib alongside Assad and Putin, as it was doing till the
end of the first quarter of 2017, seems to be a factor in this "new"
rhetorical approach.

This produced events such as the US bombing of a mosque in western
Aleppo province (ie, part of 'Greater Idlib') in March 2017 that
killed 57 worshippers
Supposedly the US was targeting "terrorists" (ie, HTS) who it claimed
used that mosque,sometimes.

Of course, neither Russia nor Assad had any objection to the US
bombing Idlib alongside them. The problem is that a couple of weeks
later, after Assad, encouraged by this Trump policy, bombed another
Idlib town with chemical weapons, the US launched a credibility strike
against an emptied Assad airbase in nearby Homs, from where the
chemical attack had been launched. Of course, as Trump had tipped off
Putin who had tipped off Assad, there wasn't much of value hit, and
thankfully no-one was killed (unlike with the US bombing of rebels and
"terrorists"), but for this affront, Russia effectively banned US air
operations in the northwest corner of Syria (the Russian area of
operation) after that.

That's why the US now has to ask permission "repeatedly" to rejoin the
Assad-Putin bombing of "terrorists" in Greater Idlib that Obama and
Trump had both excelled in.
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> A bourgeois propaganda article reflecting the general agreement of US
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