[Marxism] The controversial ending of the US war against Vietnam

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:09:38 MDT 2018

MUCH MORE INTERESTING QUESTION _- Did the US in the end "WIN" the wars in
Indochina by destroying the indigenous independent revolutionary forces
within "South" Vietnam thereby leading to the conquest of South Vietnam by
North Vietnam -- the unification of Vietnam under the Northern regime
rather than a true compromise --- leading, ultimately, to the slide towards
capitalism in Vietnam ---

Whether it was because of the politics of the DRV or the destruction of the
ability of the entire country -- north and south -- to support itself due
to agent orange, unexploded ordinance, a massive death toll, etc. --- the
result was no "socialist paradise" but an economically depressed country
that in the end opted for capitalism.

The US prevented the spread of a nationalistic version of communism which
of course was the main reason for opposing the Viet Minh when they were
fighting the French --- a great cost in human life.  Vietnam, Laos and
Cambodia got to control their own country but the people of none of those
countries ended up with socialism ...

So the question remains -- did international capitalism ultimately WIN the
war against the INdochinese people??

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