[Marxism] Grappling With the Racism of the DSA?s Founders

Matt Harvey mattharveyt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 17:59:41 MDT 2018


I really wanted to give your piece on DSA a chance. It starts off well and
I think the legacy of Cold War era Pentagon--CIA or DC think tank, pick
your description--socialists as represented first by the *Encounter* then
*Dissent*, Irving Howe and late-period Schactman is fertile ground for
repertorial spade work. Shanker's destructive cleaving the old NYC liberal
coalition is an extremely interesting footnote if nothing else. I even
tried to choke down this bizarre line, "*(and they all are cis men and,
except for Rustin, white heterosexuals)"  *[Cis?] in the hopes that you
were attempting irony or it was an unfortunate editorial addition.

Unfortunately the ahistoricism continues apace with an anti-Kennedy
rant--climaxing with, "[JFK] was in the midst of the genocidal effort to
turn Vietnam into a parking lot"--that would make Chomsky or Alexander
Cockburn blush. (You might want to check when bombing of North Vietnam
began (hint: JFK was out of office;) he was criticized on the right for
*not* trying to invade Cuba, btw.)

So I alas I didn't find out if the overhyped DSA is doomed by original sin.

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