[Marxism] Grappling With the Racism of the DSA?s Founders

Saman Sepehri p70volkl at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 21:02:09 MDT 2018

 What in the hell does this have anything to do with any serious discussion of DSA today--for or against (cis-gendered man  having sex with etc.etc.... jussy gossip about  Irwing Howe sodomizing Harrington...)? 
This from your previous comment says it all:
"First, I have to admit that I find it deeply satisfying to see that I
garnered such a reaction, it means I struck a nerve. Either way one looks
at it, my ego profits mightily from this exercise. Way cool!"

Please stop trolling on this list. No matter what you think you are doing.
Don't need this filth presented as debate on DSA, any more than I need "grabbing Pussy" on part of Trump as legitimate discussion.

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a) There is nothing bizarre or even radical in describing Bayard Rustin as
a cis-gendered man, which he was. He did not present himself as trans in
public and I have not encountered anything saying otherwise. He was cis, he
was a man who had sex with men (MSM), and he was Black. Ergo "*they all are
cis men and, except for Rustin, white heterosexuals*" is the proper
description. What, is there some juicy gossip about Harrington sodomizing
Howe that I missed out on? ;)


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