[Marxism] Grappling With the Racism of the DSA?s Founders

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Wed Sep 12 05:47:18 MDT 2018

The only thing I'd add to this response to Andrew Stewart is that
Counterpunch published it, which shows how they have no real editorial or
political standards.

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> Andrew Stewart:
> You wrote an article on the "Racism of the DSA's Founders" centered on
> the views and actions of three non-founders, one of whom had been dead
> for ten years when the DSA was started, one of whom was a central leader
> of a rival group, one of whom was an adherent to the same political
> current as those two. It was a fabrication, a lying frame up.
> Now you want to defend it on the basis that really the views of of the
> non-founder opponents of the (real) founders that you mention were not
> that dissimilar, like neither one supported Jesse Jackson in the 1984
> primaries. Really, is that your yardstick for measuring antiracist
> purity? I guess I'm a racist, too.
> At any rate, you lied. You don't even have enough courage to admit it
> when you have been caught red-handed. And you find it "deeply
> satisfying" that you have been exposed as a fraud without a trace of
> intellectual honesty or personal integrity. Your "ego profits mightily"
> from being shown to be utterly shameless.
> Glad to be of service.
> Have a nice life.
> On 9/10/2018 1:25 AM, Andrew Stewart wrote:
> > First, I have to admit that I find it deeply satisfying to see that I
> > garnered such a reaction, it means I struck a nerve. Either way one
> > looks at it, my ego profits mightily from this exercise. Way cool!
> >
> >
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