[Marxism] Syria: Assad threatens Idlib while Afrin resists Turkish occupation (Green Left Weekly)

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This book is a translation from the German-language original which I 
posses (Anja Flach / Ercan Ayboğa / Michael Knapp: Revolution in Rojava. 
Frauenbewegung und Kommunalismus zwischen Krieg und Embargo, VSA: Verlag 
Hamburg 2015). It is an uncritical Apoist publication with a preface and 
postscript by Cemil Bayık resp. Asya Abdullah (bother leaders of the 
By the way: In their contributions (17 pages combined), these two Apoist 
leaders write about the perspective of the revolution in Rojava and in 
the Middle East. They do not mention a single time the words "Assad", 
"Great Power" or "Imperialism/imperialist"! What a remarkable "coincidence"!
The book quotes indeed people reporting about the encirclement of a an 
Assadist military base in Kobani on 18-19 July 2012. After negotiations, 
the Assadist military agreed to hand over the base. Part of the soldiers 
went home, the other part stayed in Kobani.
It is characteristic that the whole taking over of the Kurdish areas by 
the YPG was completely unbloody - in opposite to the rest of Syria where 
the people rose up against the regime and a civil war started. This is 
because it was not a revolution but a secretly negotiated handover from 
the regime to the YPG (because the regime was forced to do so as it was 
under heavy pressure in the rest of the country where the people fought 
against the tyranny.)
Of course, I do not want to deny that there have been contradictions 
between the Assad regime and the PKK/YPG. They collaborated until 1998, 
then Assad had to kick out Öcalan because Turkey threatened with war. 
But it is very evident that the Assad tyranny views the YPG as a "lesser 
evil" compared to the revolutionary masses in Syria. From its point of 
view the Assad regime is right as the present negotiations with the YPG 
demonstrate. The YPG is a mercenary offering its services to the highest 

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