[Marxism] More on soil fertility and carbon sequestration

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:52:32 MDT 2018

I have been commenting more and more on the issue of climate change,
agriculture & grazing, and carbon sequestration (which is part of the
climate change discussion AND healthy soil). Because of my last comments
here I got 3 invitations to expand my comments on various socialist blogs.
I got a few "nasties" from some militant vegans as well (though these
stemmed from Facebook postings as one might expect).

Anyway, as part of my own limited education on this I saw a link to an
article by a PhD. agronomist and soil fertility expert Dr. Christine Jones
from Australia on the leftist pro-rural folks/farming FB group, The Soil
Alliance ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/soilalliance/ ). I have heard
Dr. Jones speak on a lot of YouTube videos previously in the last year as
everyone into soil fertility and restorative agriculture recommends her
highly. But I never read anything by her, being the lazy person I am I just
watched the videos. But Dave Riley posted the following essay to the Soil
Alliance page. I thought it was singularly the best explanation of the
relationship between proper agricultural methods of farming and CO2
sequestration I've ever read. If only because it not that long and highly
educational for the non-ag person like me but because it covers everything
from a scientific and engineering POV of why this question may be the
biggest technological tool to fight climate change as part of any program
to seriously fight against climate change, providing a living for anyone
who applies these techniques and restores our soil to what they once were
it there is.  So it gets my ringing endorsement. If you are interested in
how agricultural can sequester carbon while growing more food for our
species in an eco-firendly way, you should read this essay. I left some
comments on the FB page I linked to above if you are interested at all in
specifics aspects I thought were not given enough space in Dr. Jone's essay.


--David Walters

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