[Marxism] Syria: Assad threatens Idlib while Afrin resists Turkish occupation (Green Left Weekly)

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But comrade, look, your arguments lack inner logic.

We agree that has been no or very little violence in the "Rojava 
Revolution" but very much violence in the Syrian Revolution.

Your explanation for this is: "Presumably the soldiers had no desire to 
die for Assad. Hence they surrendered."

If that would be the explanation, one has to ask: why did the Assadist 
soldiers have "no desire to die for Assad" in Rojava but, presumable, 
had "very much desire to die for Assad" in the rest of the country?!

You say: "Its troop strength in Rojava had been reduced". But WHY had 
Assads troop strength in Rojava been reduced? WHY did Assad not put 
enough military troops to Rojava but very many to the other parts of the 
country?! If Assads relations with the YPG would have been as bad as 
with the FSA et al, he would have fought for control over the Kurdish 
North of the country. But he did not.

No, comrade, your explanation simply lack any logic. It is obvious that 
Assad always viewed the YPG as a qualitative lesser evil than the Syrian 
Revolution and that his regime agreed in summer 2012 about handing over 
this part of the country to the YPG. For that reason they have not too 
much difficulties now to negotiate again.

Am 14.09.2018 um 12:14 schrieb Chris Slee:
> It is incorrect to say that "not a single shot [was] fired" in the July 2012 Rojava uprising.  There was some small-scale armed conflict in Derik and Afrin.
> But it is true that opposition to the uprising was limited.  This was because the Assadist army was fully occupied with the rebellion elsewhere in Syria.  Its troop strength in Rojava had been reduced.  Presumably the soldiers had no desire to die for Assad.  Hence they surrendered.
> Regarding the events in the rest of the country, I said in my article that there was a "popular uprising against the brutal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad". However Turkey and the Gulf states armed and funded reactionary rebel groups.  This had the effect of, over time, changing the nature of the rebellion.
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> Let us leave aside our ideological differences for a moment and focus on
> simple facts.
> How do you explain that the regime fights with all its brutal might
> against the uprising people in Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa etc. and
> kills tens of thousands (or more) in 2011-12. But when there is an
> uprising in "Rojava", not a single shot is fired and the Assadist
> military just withdraws! You can not seriously claim that Assad had
> become a pacifist!
> So how can you call the events in "Rojava" a "revolution" and support it
> but the events in the rest of country not?!

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