[Marxism] First Report from the Putin-Erdogan Talks

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Mon Sep 17 12:00:19 MDT 2018


While the source is the notorious Sputnik website, the basic information 
and the quotes from Erdogan are confirmed from other sources. If this 
agreement does not collapse (which of course can not be excluded), it 
would confirm our fear of a Russian-Turkish counterrevolution disarming 
and driving back the liberation forces in Idlib as we repeatedly warned. 
(See e.g. 

One has to admit this is a clever move from the reactionary point of 
view. We will now see how the liberation forces react. If the NLF 
opposes it would mean that they rebel against Turkey's patronage. (I am 
not very optimistic about this.) Will the HTS, TIP and HaD oppose it or 
will they capitulate? We will see.

Comrades, who would like to have a map covering the DMZ about which 
Putin and Erdogan agreed, can contact me offline and I can sent them the 

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