[Marxism] Time to Kill the Zombie Argument: Another Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties — Not Economic Distress

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 06:18:58 MDT 2018


FAIR ENOUGH -- but what about the SUBSET of "Obama then Trump" voters?

and more importantly -- what about the LARGE NUMBERS of people who came out
to vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and DID NOT come out in 2016??   -- many
black and white working class voters felt "left out" from Obama's
neo-liberal policies and decided that it "didn't matter" whether they voted
or not --- so many didn't --- (this applied for many younger voters
energized by obama and sorely disappointed).

The atoricities of the Trump presidency may bring them back to the polls
--- I know I'll be "criticized" to say the least for what follows ---

Let's hope the Hell the entire Obama coalition shows up to elect even "hold
your nose" Dems this time around ---

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