[Marxism] Karl Radek: "Schlageter Speech" (June 1923)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Sep 18 10:11:51 MDT 2018

(Want to understand how people like Diana Johnstone and Boris 
Kargalitsky can end up promoting the interests of Putin and Trump? They 
are simply recycling the National Bolshevism of Karl Radek who eulogized 
a member of the Freikorps this speech. They were an anti-Communist 
militia that killed Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Many of Hitler's 
earliest cadre had been members of the Freikorps as well.)

But we believe that the great majority of the nationalist-minded masses 
belong not to the camp of the capitalists but to the camp of the 
workers. We want to find, and we shall find, the path to these masses. 
We shall do all in our power to make men like Schlageter, who are 
prepared to go to their deaths for a common cause, not wanderers into 
the void, but wanderers into a better future for the whole of mankind; 
that they should not spill their hot, unselfish blood for the profit of 
the coal and iron barons, but in the cause of the great toiling German 
people, which is a member of the family of peoples fighting for their 

This truth the Communist Party will declare to the great masses of the 
German people, for it is not a party fighting for a crust of bread on 
behalf of the industrial workers, but a party of the struggling 
proletariat fighting for its emancipation, an emancipation that is 
identical with the emancipation of the whole people, of all who toil and 
suffer in Germany. Schlageter himself cannot now hear this declaration, 
but we are convinced that there are hundreds of Schlageters who will 
hear it and understand it.

full: https://www.marxists.org/archive/radek/1923/06/schlageter.htm

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