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CHARLES LENCHNER: I came of age believing in MarxismLeninism. 
DAVID BERGER: I assume you’re talking about the Israeli CommunistParty. 
CHARLES LENCHNER: My views have certainly changed,
DAVID BERGER: It’s a long, long way from Stalin to Salazr. 
CHARLES LENCHNER: but in almost every job I've had, Iwas the 'left-most' person around.
DAVID BERGER: You must have been in a lot of right-wing worklocations. 
CHARLES LENCHNER: This has changed. It's less mymoderation with age, and more that the ground has shifted. 
DAVID BERGER: Trust me, it’s both. You’ve moved to the right and youngpeople have moved to the left. Once this fad for the Democratic Party haspassed, you can comfortably become a liberal.
CHARLES LENCHNER: What seemed like a pipe dream justa few years ago is reality.
DAVID BERGER: This is true, unless you’ve been watching politicaltrends for about ten years.
CHARLES LENCHNER: An open socialist
DAVID BERGER: Do you really think Cynthia Nixon is a socialist?
CHARLES LENCHNER: winning a third of the vote in astatewide primary? 
DAVID BERGER: A Democratic Party primary.
CHARLES LENCHNER: Multiple people with similar politicswinning state senate seats against entrenched, well funded opponents?
DAVID BERGER: So, basically, your brand of socialism is “similar” toliberalism.
CHARLES LENCHNER: A Jewish socialist winning in myBrooklyn neighborhood?
DAVID BERGER: Not clear if she’s Jewish or socialist.
CHARLES LENCHNER: What a time to be alive. Now to focus all ofour New York energy on productive political action to press our advantage.
DAVID BERGER: We will see how much progress will be made.
DAVID BERGER: As a Jewish socialist of many, many years vintage, I'mnot impressed by social democrats running as Democrats.
And Charles Lenchner, you still haven't answered the question asto why you won't support Howie Hawkins. Or why others shouldn't support thisgenuine socialists.
Let's hear it.
CHARLES LENCHNER: I oppose the clean/dirty breakmindset
DAVID BERGER: In other words, you are totally committed to workinginside a ruling class party.
CHARLES LENCHNER: and seek to undermine it 
DAVID BERGER: You CP origins are showing.
CHARLES LENCHNER: and it's proponents when and wherepossible,
DAVID BERGER: So personal attacks are okay.
CHARLES LENCHNER: with the same emotional register asHowie Hawkins speaking to his buddies about 'Democrats' at a poorly attendedLeft Forum panel.
DAVID BERGER: Rots of ruck.

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