[Marxism] A letter to Verso about Max Blumenthal

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 19 09:16:29 MDT 2018

The author asked me not to use his name. I agree with every single word.

Dear Verso editors.

It has been clear for some years now that Max Blumenthal is an apologist 
for the genocidal Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Putin regime 
in Russia which maintains Assad's rule and assists him in killing 
thousands of Syrian civilians and democratic oppositionists. Just now I 
was made aware that Blumenthal made a particularly horrific, racist 
attempt at humor on Twitter:


As Joey Ayoub says in reponse, Blumenthal is mocking a terrified father 
desperate to save his children in Idlib from Assad's chemical weapons. A 
radical left publisher with a distinguished history such as Verso should 
not publish anything by such a disgusting far-right propagandist even if 
he poses as a leftist. Please, I ask you, do not publish his book slated 
for release in March 2019. Cancel its release. If you do not, efforts 
will be made towards a boycott of Verso publications until you issue an 
apology for publishing the book and recall it.

Please be principled leftists and decent human beings and do the right 
thing. Do not publish an author who is advancing a fascist agenda in 
"left" clothing.


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