[Marxism] Blumenthal letter

Ron Jacobs ronj1955 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 12:44:17 MDT 2018

Sorry, this letter is calling for out and out censorship because of a
political debate on the left.  It is a vitriolic debate full of
misinformation and subject to influences with motivations known and
unknown.   Blumenthal did step over a line with this tweet and I often do
not agree with his writing or approach.  However, there is comparable
vitriol coming from those who seem to hate Assad more than they oppose US
imperialism.  I hope Verso tells the signers of this letter to go to hell
in the name of spirited disagreement  Blumenthal is no more a fascist than
the writer of this letter.

Censorship and threats are not the way to deal with political differences
in the Left I know.  Arguments and debate and a refusal to respond to those
one cannot find fit to argue with, yes.

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