[Marxism] Why Growth Can't be Green

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Fri Sep 21 03:51:27 MDT 2018

Louis Proyect wrote

Fascinating. Read slowly and carefully. This journal is published by The 
FP Group, a division of Graham Holdings Company (formerly The Washington 
Post Company, whose flagship paper says on its masthead "Democracy dies 
in darkness"), and in Foreign Policy journal's history statement says 
that it exists "to serve decision-makers in business, finance and 
government." The bimonthly Foreign Policy was founded by no less than 
the infamous Samuel Huntington, he who way back thirty or forty years 
ago, from his geopolitical armchair presciently counseled attacking 
Islam as an enemy to US interests perhaps more toxic than the USSR 
- certainly by the time he pronounced to the wonks in his major opus 
"Clash of Civilizations" . His influence is commonly recognized as 
crucial to today's capitalist foreign policy, mired and putrefying in 
its assumptions all over the middle east. It can probably be marked in 
its formation as policy by the Iran-Iraq war, initiated by Huntington's 
colleague Brzezinski, and by the first Bush's attack on Iraq, all long 
before 9-11 of course.

The journal exists to warn the stakeholders of what's coming down the 
track. They have received countless awards and accolades from organs and 
spokespersons of capital. Their imprimatur is on this piece or it 
wouldn't show up there. The conclusion to the article is that there's no 
way under the capitalist system that we can avoid global environmental 
chaos. They don't say as much explicitly but in connecting the dots to 
the extent of admitting that even allowing for visualizable 
modifications, further growth on current economic assumptions is 
untenable, they've given the game away. While we can't expect that there 
will be any public or official acknowledgment of the consequences by the 
system upholders, their models, their ideology, are tacitly acknowledged 
to be in ruins. When there is no vision, even capitalist dogma perishes. 
Whether they like it or not. While nothing collapses without being 
pushed, in this case hard, the bumpy ride out of here has acquired a leg up.

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