[Marxism] An interview with YPG spokesman Nuri Mahmoud on Idlib

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To understand why Nuri Mahmoud does not directly criticise the Assad regime, we need to look at the context.

Turkey is the most immediate threat to the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

Turkey has invaded Afrin.  It has threatened to invade Manbij.  It would invade the rest of the DFNS if it thought it could get away with it.

In this context the DFNS does not want to start a war on another front - with Assad.

Therefore DFNS spokespeople tend to be cautious in what they say about the Assad regime.

They do however talk about the need for Syria to become democratic - which implies that the Assad regime is not democratic.

Chris Slee
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A very interesting interview with the YPG spokesman. Full of talk of
removing Turkey from Syria, defeating the "jihadist extremists" etc.
Disappointed by Russia. But not a single word against the Assad regime
or the U.S.!


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