[Marxism] Spencer Dimwit

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 22 14:08:54 MDT 2018

I've been told that Spencer Dimmock is the foremost defender of the 
Brenner thesis on the entire planet, maybe the universe. I have had a 
pdf of "The Origin of Capitalism in England, 1400–1600" for a while and 
decided to take a peek (contact me if you want a copy). On the very 
first page I run into this:

"For example, capitalism is the only form of society in history in which 
the majority of people and their families are entirely dependent on 
others for waged employment in order to survive."

But for most of Latin America in the 19th century, this did not apply. 
Small proprietorship and peasantry rather than wage labor constituted 
the majority. Was a country like Guatemala or El Salvador "precapitalist"?

Part of the problem with people like Brenner, the late Ellen Meiksins 
Wood, and Dimmock is that Latin America, Africa and Asia hardly ever 
enter the equation. Tunnel-vision describes this discipline. Dimmock's 
book revolves around a case study of Kent, where capitalism originated 
according to the "contingency" theory laid out by Brenner. Ironically, 
where there was a massive presence of wage labor in Bolivia, this counts 
less than a county like Kent where there was very little.

So weird...

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