[Marxism] How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump | The New Yorker

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 07:27:50 MDT 2018

Here is a scary thought -- if Hillary had squeaked in to the Presidency,
the Court packing would not have occurred and the massive deportations and
family separations would not have occurred (as much as under Trump) and
environmental roll backs would not have occurred -- but NEITHER would the
mobilization of young people, the various women's marches, etc.

AND -- the mass movement towards fascism would have been MUCH STRONGER and
the probability of a Republican wave in 2018 followed by a MUCH MORE
POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE extreme right-winger knocking off Hillary in 2020
would have been much higher --
Scary to think we actually as better off in the long run mobilizing to
fight TRUMP than complaining about Hillary's policies from a much more
isolated position ... while being placed in the very dicey position of
"defending" her from extreme right wing attacks ....

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