[Marxism] Steelworkers strike?

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 11:31:27 MDT 2018

>From the time of the W. VA. teachers' strike, it seemed that a strike wave
was in the offing. That was because wages were lagging but unemployment was
pretty low, and both for some years. Now, it's more than in the offing;
it's here, and for the first time in decades. That, in itself, is important
enough. But now it seems that the Steelworkers might be going out on
strike. That has double importance. Triple actually.

Part of it is just as part of the strike wave itself.

Second is the fact that many of the steelworkers were at the base of
Trump's blue collar support. It's a virtual certainty that he won't support
the strikers (assuming they do go out). That will have a huge impact on
those of them who supported him.

Third is the fact of the traditional role of the industrial sector of the
working class. Historically, it's been that sector that has most clearly
carried the traditions of the class struggle. But in the US for decades
now, their role has been reversed. Due to the wave of runaway shops and
plant closings, the industrial workers (e.g. auto workers) have in many
ways been at the tail end of the labor movement. Could a strike of
steelworkers start to reverse this and vault them to its head? What impact
would that have as far as starting to develop a true working class party?

See this short video
<https://www.facebook.com/VICENewsTonight/videos/475920096253044/> on the
situation among steelworkers.

John Reimann

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