[Marxism] How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:50:09 MDT 2018

I think there is no doubt in the mind of anyone who has half a brain and
pays attention that Russia helped Trump get elected. That includes Trump
himself even though he may not pay attention.

Discussing this topic, Michael Meeropol wrote,

“Here is a scary thought -- if Hillary had squeaked in to the Presidency,
the Court packing would not have occurred and the massive deportations and
family separations would not have occurred (as much as under Trump) and
environmental roll backs would not have occurred -- but NEITHER would the
mobilization of young people, the various women's marches, etc.

“AND -- the mass movement towards fascism would have been MUCH STRONGER and
the probability of a Republican wave in 2018 followed by a MUCH MORE
POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE extreme right-winger knocking off Hillary in 2020
would have been much higher –

“Scary to think we actually as better off in the long run mobilizing to

fight TRUMP than complaining about Hillary's policies from a much more

isolated position ... while being placed in the very dicey position of
"defending" her from extreme right wing attacks ....”

I think Michael’s speculation is off the mark.

Trump's election has indeed shaped the path that the class struggle has
followed since he was elected, but it is an over-determination not the
basic driving force. The class struggle in all of its dimensions was
already intensifying while Obama was president.

Think about the real and not rhetorical differences between Trump and
Obama. Obama started off on the environmental path that Trump is following,
Obama started off on the military path that Trump is following, and Obama
started off on the immigration path that Trump is following. And Obama
championed charter schools. The differences in these areas are mostly ones
of tempo or theatrics.

Racism, healthcare and international trade policy are the three key
differences, but who knows where Hillary Clinton would have led us on
health care and international trade, may be the substance would not have
been so much different from what Trump is actually doing.

Trump's mobilization of the ultra-right on the streets is the key
difference. And it is a big difference. But, they likely would have
mobilized if Trump had lost, too. How different would Charlottesville have
been with Hillary in the White House? Maybe Trump would have been the
keynote speaker in Charlottesville, and maybe now he would already be in
jail as a accessory to murder.

On other levels, Trump’s election changed little or nothing. The slow, year
by year bleeding of public education that led to the massive teachers
strikes of the last year (that are continuing in the state of Washington,
and maybe in several districts here in California) would have happened with
or without Trump’s election. It’s a good bet that the strikes would have
happened, too.

On one level things would have been decidedly different. The Democrats
complicity and agreement with, and even leadership of, many of the policies
now labelled with Trump’s name would be much harder to hide, so the growing
split and crisis in the Democratic Party would be much greater.

And, the opportunity for the left to emerge out of the stranglehold the
Democrats have exercised over both the working class within the Democrats
and the revolutionary left outside of the Democrats ever since the New Deal
would be that much greater.

In any case, we have to conduct our struggles with the hand that has been
dealt rather than in some contrafactual speculative alternate world.

One important and difficult to predict twist of the real path of history is
the stench of fear coming from both Democrats and Republicans around the
issue of removing Trump. Their fear of a constitutional crisis has trumped
the demonstrated patriotic fervor of the Democrats, and the long standing
patriotic flag-waving of the Republicans. It seems odd on the face of it
that they have not impeached Trump already and strung him up on a flag pole

What will happen after Mueller’s report finally comes out, should be very


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