[Marxism] How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump | The New Yorker

Chris Slee chris_w_slee at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 25 18:41:08 MDT 2018

Louis Proyect says:

"I don't see how anybody in their right mind would find William Blum
credible at this point. In fact, I am disappointed that CounterPunch
would publish his crap."

I am not familiar with the writings of William Blum.  I just quoted his statement  - "Even if you assumed that all the charges made about “Russian interfering in the elections” were true, and put them all together, they still wouldn’t have a fraction of the impact on the 2016 elections as did Republicans in several states by disenfranchising likely Democratic voters (blacks, poor, students, people in largely Democratic districts), by purging state voting lists" - because it seemed relevant to my argument ("All this talk about Russian interference in the election is a distraction.  It diverts attention, not only from the shortcomings of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, but also from the undemocratic nature of the US political system").

Is Blum's claim about Republicans "disenfranchising likely Democratic voters" correct?  If so, I think it should be given more attention than claims of Russian influence.

Chris Slee

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