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Chinese politics & policy Add to myFT Peking University threatens to close
down Marxism society Students continue to back workers in dispute over
trade union rights President Xi Jinping visits the Marxist literature
centre at Peking University in May to commemorate the 200th anniversary of
Karl Marx’s birth © Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock Share on Twitter (opens new
window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) Share on LinkedIn (opens new
window) Save Save to myFT Yuan Yang and Xinning Liu in Beijing SEPTEMBER
23, 2018 Print this page33 China’s most prestigious university has
threatened to shut down its student Marxist society amid a continuing
police crackdown on students who support workers in a dispute over trade
union organisation. Under China’s Communist party, Marxism has been part of
the compulsory university curriculum for decades. But universities are now
under pressure to embrace “Xi Jinping thought” as the president strengthens
his ideological control over the nation. The government is also inspecting
primary and secondary school textbooks to remove foreign content. Peking
University’s Marxist Society was not able to re-register for the new
academic year because it did not have the backing required from teachers,
the society said. “Everyone can see what the Peking University Marxist
Society has done over the past few years to speak out for marginalised
groups on campus,” it added. The threat to close the society follows a
summer of student and worker unrest in the Chinese manufacturing hub of
Shenzhen. Students from Peking and other elite Chinese universities were
detained for supporting workers trying to organise a trade union at a Jasic
Technology factory. While workers’ protests have become more common in
China, the support of a small yet growing student movement has made the
Jasic protests politically sensitive. Zhan Zhenzhen, a member of the
Marxist Society at Peking University, was among those arrested in Shenzhen
last month. In July, police detained about 30 workers in the biggest such
arrest since 2015. In August, police wearing riot gear stormed a student
dormitory and took away about 40 students who had been supporting the
workers, according to witnesses. Recommended Jamil Anderlini China is at
risk of becoming a colonialist power Mr Zhan and the Marxist Society
initiated an investigation into working conditions for low-paid workers at
Peking University this year. The group said its focus was labour rights,
and it gained media attention in 2015 when it published an earlier working
conditions report. The Marxist Society said it had approached teachers in
the university’s department of Marxism for support with registration but
had been refused, with no explanation. A teacher from another department
had volunteered to register the society but said his offer was rejected by
the university’s Student Society Committee. The university’s Marxism
department did not respond immediately to a request for comment. The
Student Society Committee declined to comment. Mr Xi visited Peking
University this year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s
birth. “Peking University is the first place to spread and study Marxism in
China. It makes a great contribution to the spread of Marxism and the
foundation of China’s Communist Party,” he said at the time. Be alerted on
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comments. Newest | Oldest | Most recommended Yu-Tai Chia 2 days ago Under a
communist government proletariat is supposed to dictate the political
power. What this story tells us is that the People's Republic of China is
not a proletariat dictatorship. What President Xi wants is an empire and he
is the emperor of the country.  Conflicts between the communism and the
Chinese government demonstrate the Chinese Communist party has been
cheating its members and the people.  Once the Marxism society in China is
controlled by the government and even could be shut down, the legitimacy of
Communism in China becomes history and capitalism and dictatorship will
prevail simultaneously. ReportShare1RecommendReply Nad. 2 days ago The
legacy of Stalinism lives on. That is also one of the similarities between
Maoism and Stalinism: "These are the ideas of Marxism and anyone who thinks
differently is a counter-revolutionary." Personally, I knew what Marxism
was, not by reading what the communist parties say about themselves and the
ideas of Marxism, but by reading the sources. ReportShare1RecommendReply
Kid from Cleveland 2 days ago Oh the irony! ReportShare5RecommendReply Old
School Canuck 2 days ago @Kid from Cleveland My thoughts exactly.
ReportShareRecommendReply Nad. 2 days ago It is not an irony; it is a
paradox. A paradox that has its roots in Stalinism and Maoism.
ReportShare3RecommendReply Old School Canuck 2 days ago @Nad. A paradxical
irony, then? ReportShare1RecommendReply magic_marker 2 days ago How does
one describe China's political system today; is it a controlled-capital
dictatorship? a "degenerated workers' state", to borrow a phrase from
Trotsky's "A Revolution Betrayed"? Or do we need new language entirely?
ReportShare4RecommendReply Scratch 2 days ago @magic_marker  "Peelite"
might come in handy. ReportShareRecommendReply Not so fast 2 days ago
@magic_marker Isn't the description 'bureaucratic state capitalist' still
valid? ReportShare2RecommendReply Scratch 2 days ago @Not so
fast @magic_marker Branko Milanovic, citing this article, just described it
as Hayekian Communism and compared it to Lenin's New Economic Policy..
globalinequality ReportShare2RecommendReply 1 reply Funnymoney 2 days ago
Something isn’t right in communist China when communists aren’t allowed to
stand up for communism ReportShare1RecommendReply Cognoscendum 2 days ago
To Funnymoney. As Chinese used to say to me as a student there when I
highlighted some absurdity like the above story, ‘you don’t understand
China’. And I didn’t. It took me a while to realise understanding China
means accepting and doing whatever the party says, whether it’s one thing
today, and the opposite tomorrow. ReportShare4RecommendReply Nettle 2 days
ago I wish they'd just get it over and done with and rebrand the party.
There's clearly absolutely nothing communist about it.
ReportShare2RecommendReply Scratch 2 days ago @Nettle Claiming the mantle
of socialism has long appeared to be something of a leitmotif for various
forms of authoritarian reaction, irritatingly enough.
ReportShare2RecommendReply KLRJ 2 days ago @Nettle Good idea. And if they
spell Cleptocratic with a C they can save money on stationery.
ReportShareRecommendReply A very disillusioned English voter 2 days ago Mr
Xi imposing his thought on the people can only succeed with the support of
the Marshalls who control the Red Army. Is the Red Army Communist or
Capitalist? The Marshalls and Generals of today's Red Army are the
descendants of the victors of the little Red Book Purges of Mao. Money and
Power has always ruled in the history of the Chinese Empire. Entire
dominions have always been the baliwick of local warlords who pay a token
obligation to Bejing. Xi is human and will die, however local warlords pass
their power to their sons. Trump will never defeat the Red Army or any
Chinese Government whatever its shade. China is the moneylender. United
States of America is the debtor. Trump is the serial bankrupt loud mouth.
ReportShare4RecommendReply Immaculate Heart of Xi 2 days ago All hail
Emperor Xi ReportShare1RecommendReply Highpeak 2 days ago He wants to e
bigger than Marx? And what happens when he runs out of other peoples’
money? What does he bribe the masses with he has spent or personally
accumulated it all? His cult of personality of course.
ReportShare1RecommendReply BetaByNature 2 days ago I think your metaphore
is off: "bribe the masses" is applicable in 3 circumstances (1) incuring
massive fiscal imbalances (2) resource depletion (middle east) and (3)
resource diversion (Hitler's germany) involving persecution of rich
minorities. ReportShareRecommendReply KLRJ 2 days ago More billionaires
than anyone else. More poor people than anyone else. And no social safety
net in China's socialism. Tick. Tock. ReportShare15RecommendReply KLRJ 2
days ago Tiananmen them all. ReportShare1RecommendReply Blackmonk 2 days
ago You know no Chinese economic history. For the past 30 years, China has
moved hundreds of millions of people from poverty to well to do working
class, middle class and wealthy class. This is why contrary to the wishful
thinking of many Western commentators, most Chinese people are generally
happy with the CCP. Wealth inequality has widened but is less serious than
the US because CCP wants social stability to support its rule and somehow
needs to make sure poverty will not worsen. CCP vows to eradicate poverty
in the next two years. Many Westerners will remain sceptical on this vow
but they have underestimated consistently the execution ability of the CCP.
Meanwhile the inequality in the US continues to widen but Trump supporters
still cheer the tax cut primarily benefiting the rich. Their ignorance is
really sad. ReportShare2RecommendReply Show more comments Follow the topics
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