[Marxism] Response to: Jacobin Accused of Reneging on Wage Deal in British Takeover of Tribune Magazine – Payday Report

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 07:41:39 MDT 2018

Eric Blanc, a member of DSA and former member of the International
Socialist Organization and Socialist Organizer responded to the report on
Jacobin's editor ripping off Tribune workers. From a FB post:
--David Walters

Some of you may have seen an article by Mike Elk attacking Jacobin's
practices in reviving Tribune, a great new socialist publication in the UK.

Folks need to understand that this is hit-job attack from the right: In
addition to attacking Julia Salazar, Elk has spent the past 6 months giving
Randi Weingarden and other top labor officials credit for the recent
teachers' strike wave.

Regarding Tribune, his claims are (at best) extremely misleading. The old
Tribune magazine was bankrupt and shut down late last year because of staff
mismanagement. When Jacobin took over the IP this summer, it volunteered to
pay the former part time staff severance and rehired the full timer. Some
of the old part time staff were angry that they weren't incorporated into
the new magazine. That's it.

As someone who has written extensively for Jacobin, I can confidently say
that we don't need Elk cynically "defending" us to further his personal
career and his political project of covering for the labor officialdom.




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