[Marxism] Brett Kavanaugh: Elitism on Trial, Part II

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 05:34:50 MDT 2018

“I was pushed onto the bed and Brett got on top of me,” she said. “He began
running his hands over my body and grinding his hips into me. I yelled,
hoping someone downstairs might hear me, and tried to get away from him,
but his weight was heavy. Brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes.”

“To what degree of certainty are you that it was Judge Kavanaugh?” she was
asked. “100%,” she replied....

“He (Kavanaugh) is a blatant liar…. I am a Republican.” (Lynne Brookes,
Yale classmate of Kavanaugh)


*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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