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I saw an item on Al Jazeera this morning about a woman who left for
Colombia with her grandmother, hoping to be able to get insulin for her, as
it has become unavailable in Venezuela. Tragically, the grandmother died.
The truth is that without the blockade, insulin would have been available
in Venezuela. On the other hand, had the woman been a poor Colombian, what
chance would she have had of receiving the insulin she needed to survive
even that long. That question was not asked in the item. So the story is a
human tragedy, I have no reason to believe it's untrue, and it is being
replicated many times over, but it isn't the whole story. What's going on
in Venezuela is,in part, the fault of Maduro and the corruption in his
government, partly the retreat from some of the best bits of Chavismo,
partly the fact that a single third word country can't really build
"socialism in one country" and partly the fact that the US has backed the
coup plotters with massive sanctions. It's not an either / or situation.
There were huge Sandinista rallies right before the party was voted out of
power - rallying with their hearts and voting with their stomachs - was how
I heard it explained. There is not necessarily a contradiction between
people still "supporting Maduro" , and on the other hand trying to get to
Colombia because it looks like offering a better life right now.

Without the sanctions, but with Maduro and all his faults, do you think
Venezuelans would be leaving in such numbers for a better life in Colombia?
Because Colombia doesn't usually rank high on Marxists' lists of top
countries to be in.


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> Here is a video of a protest in Caracas. The woman in the video is saying
> "more than eight days without electricity or water."
> http://elpitazo.net/gran-caracas/video-alrededores-de-miraflores-llenos-de-protestas-y-exigencias-de-cambio-este-31marzo/
> It is also interesting to note that none of the reports that defend Maduro
> mention that 10% of the population (over 3 million people) have fled the
> country. I saw one video of people walking and hitch hiking for four days
> to reach Colombia. If things are more or less normal there, if the support
> for Maduro remains so widespread, then how can that be?
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