[Marxism] Down with neo-Kautskyism | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 3 11:44:12 MDT 2019

Five years ago Jacobin was a big happy family with the ISO and 
Solidarity left basking in the spotlight alongside the DSA 
intellectuals. Despite the obvious cleavage between the Trotskyist 
origins of the former group and the Michael Harrington orientation of 
Bhaskar Sunkara, everybody could benefit from the exposure afforded by 
the magazine’s vast readership.

Eventually, the differences became too pronounced to ignore. Probably 
the first manifestation of this was Charles Post’s gentle reprimand of 
Vivek Chibber in the February 2018 issue that took issue with an earlier 
article by Chibber targeting the “ruptural” strategy associated with the 
early Communist International and the revolutionary left. Despite 
Chibber’s earlier reputation as a high priest of orthodox Marxism 
(bolstered by Post and Jacobin, it should be added), there was no 
denying that he had much more in common with Michael Harrington than 
Leon Trotsky.

Establishing the orthodoxy of the Jacobin left took much more than 
citing Michael Harrington. To maintain its left cover, it had to search 
for a Marxist authority who could be invoked when dealing with a bunch 
of old fogies like Charles Post or Robert Brenner who could not see the 
wisdom in ringing doorbells for a Democratic Party candidate. Of course, 
one cannot be sure that Brenner was purged from the Catalyst editorial 
board by Sunkara and Chibber for political reasons but I’d bet a bottle 
of Glenlivet scotch that it was a factor.)

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/04/03/down-with-neo-kautskyism/

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