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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 4 05:44:58 MDT 2019

In 2011, there was much optimism in the Middle East and North Africa 
(MENA) that the so-called Arab Spring revolts would make the region more 
democratic. Yet over the past eight years, the MENA region has become 
increasingly authoritarian. This year, Egypt’s head of state is 
essentially securing his presidency for life while Sudan cracks down on 
protestors, Gulf monarchies grew more autocratic, and the Arab world is 
basically accepting Syria’s regime back into the regional diplomatic 
fold. The idea that the Arab Spring is “dead” provides a sense of 
comfort to the Gulf leaders who shuddered at the earlier wave of 
revolutionary activism.

Officials in Riyadh and other Gulf capitals are determined to prevent a 
repeat of 2011. The crackdown on dissenters and oppositionists (both 
Islamist and secular) in these counter-revolutionary countries since 
2011 has been especially harsh. But the leaders of the Saudi/United Arab 
Emirates (UAE)-led bloc of “counter-revolutionary” states have done much 
more than tighten their grip at home. In the words of Marc Lynch, this 
anti-revolutionary bloc has “rewired the entire region trying to prevent 
another Arab Spring.” So, for instance, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi provided 
diplomatic, economic, and military support for Bahrain’s Al Khalifa 
rulers in 2011, bankrolled the Egyptian coup of 2013, sponsored Libya’s 
General Khalifa Haftar, and blockaded the only “pro-Arab Spring state” 
in the Gulf, Qatar.

full: https://lobelog.com/algerias-unrest-unsettles-the-saudi-uae-led-bloc/

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