[Marxism] Alliance of Middle East Socialists calls for transnational humanist socialist network

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 16:05:28 MDT 2019

"Dear Friends:

"Critical developments around the globe compel the creation of a new type
of transnational socialist and anti-authoritarian solidarity network.

"Objectively, we are facing the growth of authoritarian capitalist
governments, an increasing economic and military competition between the
U.S. and China, and the ominous consequences of climate breakdown. In
addition, we confront insurgent white-supremacist and other racist
ethno-nationalist movements which, similar to ISIS in their extremist
views, are willing to employ mass-violence against Muslims, Jews, and other
marginalized people.

"Subjectively, a new generation of youth is getting interested in socialism
because capitalism’s inhumanity and exploitation does not offer it a better
future. The Me Too movement challenging sexual abuse is growing among women
around the globe and targeting the abuse of women in government, all fields
of work, and the family. The Black Lives Matter movement which emerged in
the U.S. in response to state-sanctioned police murder and abuse of Black
people has struck a chord internationally. There is no lack of popular
protests and strikes around the world, from Sudan, Algeria, Iran and
Palestine to Europe, and from China and India to Latin America, Haiti, and
the U.S. However, some of these struggles are  being crushed by various
authoritarian and imperialist forces, and others face the danger of
rightwing populism.

"In response to these struggles, the international Left has been

See link for full article. I hope others will add their names.
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