[Marxism] Alain Badiou criticises the “réactionnaire” Gilets Jaunes movement.

andrew coates pabs47 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 6 06:20:08 MDT 2019

"The Gilets Jaunes are thus a reaction of classes threatened by Macron’s policies wave of austerity/modernisation. They can be viewed in Marxist terms as the cry of despair of those threatened with losing their relative status in a ‘globalised’ world. “The individual members of this class…. constantly hurled down into the proletariat ” look to the past, to their lost security, and demand that a better past be restored."

"The Gilets Jaunes fight the Bourgeoisie”, as Marx would  say. That is true. But they do it to restore an old and outdated order, and not to invent a new social and political order, whose names have been, since the nineteenth century, “socialism” or, especially, “communism”."


Andrew Coates

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