[Marxism] Kautsky, Lenin, and the transition to socialism, by Mike Taber | John Riddell

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 7 06:45:52 MDT 2019


Mike Taber shares my take on Blanc's business about neo-Kautskyism being 
an alternative to the "insurrectionary" tendencies of people like me:

There is no distinct “Leninist strategy of insurrection” – any more than 
there’s a Leninist strategy of strikes, of demonstrations, of picket 
lines, of protest meetings, of study circles, or of fund appeals.

There indeed was such an “insurrectionary strategy,” but it comes from 
Blanquism, not Leninism. Louis Auguste Blanqui was a dedicated and 
admirable French revolutionary from the nineteenth century, whose 
followers did come up with such a perspective. But Lenin argued strongly 
against that view.

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