[Marxism] State murder, wars, and strikes: What do you do when you can’t do much? – Revolutionary Socialist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 9 06:56:08 MDT 2019

(Todd Chretien comes to the same realization I came to nearly forty 
years ago about the SWP's "big red machine" swagger in the Vietnam 
antiwar movement. We always got our way at conferences because we were 
disciplined, not because we persuaded people of our orientation. This 
cost us politically.)

We also mistook a certain sort of mirage for the real thing over and 
over. Because we were better organized than many other forces, at least 
in some places, we could often throw together an organizational 
framework for protest or movement impulses, even if the people who 
flowed into that framework remained very distant from revolutionary 
socialism. For instance, the organizing meetings for the 200,000-strong 
San Francisco march for a Day Without An Immigrant on May 1, 2006 took 
place in the ISO’s offices. We were proud (and we were right) to offer 
our organization in the cause of immigrant rights, but we did not become 
a political vehicle for any part of the movement. If you’ve ever lived 
through something like that, believe me, it’s hard to get your head around.


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