[Marxism] Debunking Stephen F. Cohen on Ukraine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 11 08:13:15 MDT 2019

Stephen F. Cohen: "As anyone who followed the unfolding of the crisis 
knows, prominent members of US officialdom—from the State Department, 
Congress, and the Obama administration—were persistently present 
throughout the Maidan events, publicly and privately urging a showdown 
with Yanukovych, the constitutionally elected president."


I get a chuckle out of this. To start with, the rivalry between 
Poroshenko and Yanukovych was bogus to start with. Oligarchic rule in 
Ukraine relies heavily on the exploitation of pro or anti-Russian 
rhetoric used to con the voter. For example, Tymoshenko, the most 
rabidly nationalistic of these elites, went to prison for using her 
office for personal gain by cutting a deal with Gazprom at the expense 
of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Paul Manafort who orchestrated Yanukovych's election 
campaign, offered his services to Poroshenko when it looked like 
nationalism was on the ascendancy.

Today, there was news about the pending arrest of Gregory Craig, who was 
Obama's chief counsel, for not registering as a foreign agent when he 
was performing the same exact services for Yanukovych as Manafort:

Craig’s firm was hired in 2012 by Yanukovych’s Justice Ministry to 
conduct a review of the prosecution of one of Yanukovych’s leading 
political rivals, Yulia ­Tymoshenko. The agreement included providing 
advice on improving prosecutions by the ministry, according to court 

Skadden produced a 187-page white paper that offered a mixed review of 
the trial and imprisonment of Tymoshenko, claiming the analysis it 
conducted of the case was independent.

But human rights advocates alleged the report had been engineered by 
Yanukovych’s government and whitewashed the jailing of his political 


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