[Marxism] SWV on Earth Day 2019 and trends in environmental movement

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Sun Apr 14 02:21:21 MDT 2019

On 2019/04/14 7:46 AM, jgreen--- via Marxism wrote:
> As the demand for climate action grows:
> ...Rather than attempting to plan and directly regulate industry, agriculture and
> transportation, in the 1990s a large number of "environmentally aware"
> governments embarked on the path of trying to use market measures--setting up
> a market in carbon-emission certificates ("cap and trade)" and/or imposing carbon
> taxes--to rein in green house gas emissions.  Other countries, such as the United
> States, didn't even do that much.  Furthermore, establishment environmentalism,
> as represented by Al Gore and the leaders of the mainstream environmental
> groups, did their utmost to divert the environmentalists into becoming champions
> of these market solutions that have so miserably failed.

Joe, I always respect your work, as you know, especially in statements 
like that above.

But in the rest of the piece, you've missed an entire genre of activism 
and radical critique, known as "climate justice." Was this intentional?

The framing around "climate action" is most often understood within the 
likes of Al Gore, WWF and other ecological-modernizers; that's a why a 
global CJ network emerged in 2007.

The idea of "class struggle" in climate change is excellent, but could 
be seen as downplaying the indigenous, feminist and ecological 
considerations that have become so important on the left in the last 
dozen years.

Today, seeing the radicalizing youth, Extinction Rebellion and Ende 
Galaende moving so firmly is excellent, and your outreach to them with 
this sort of analysis is appreciated - since the distinction between 
market-oriented strategies and eco-socialism is vital to stress.

But since groups like Climate Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental 
Network, DAPL warriors, Attac and so many others are in motion, and 
their roots go back so far in this struggle, the evacuation of the 
anti-capitalist CJ tradition doesn't seem logical.



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