[Marxism] Workers of the World Unite (At Last) | Ronaldo Munck

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 17 06:13:29 MDT 2019

Once seen as the vanguard of a new social order, the contemporary labor 
movement has been written off by many progressive activists and scholars 
as a relic of the past. They should not be so hasty. Rather than 
spelling the beginning of the end for organized labor, globalization has 
brought new opportunities for reinvention, and a sea change in both 
trade unions and the wider labor movement. Most notably, globalization 
has forced unions to think and act outside the state to build 
transnational solidarity across countries and sectors. Emerging 
transnational unionism, if it perseveres, contains the seeds of a new 
global movement, a new international that extends beyond labor to 
embrace all forces working toward a Great Transition.

full: https://www.greattransition.org/publication/workers-of-the-world-unite

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