[Marxism] Striking a Balance Between Fear and Hope on Climate Change - The New York Times

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 21 15:44:19 MDT 2019

(From Jared Diamond's review of Bill McKibben's new book that is 
pessimistic about humanity's future. Diamond is a shill for corporate 
environmentalism and a despicable human being. His review is not worth 
forwarding but comrades should be aware that he was chosen to review the 
book for obvious reasons. The NYT refuses to identify capitalism as the 
root cause of our environmental problems.)

In fact, there are reasons for hope besides those McKibben discusses. 
One is the change in policies of some powerful multinational 
corporations. I can already hear the horrified screams of many of my 
environmentalist friends as I say this. However, I’ve been on the boards 
of two of the most effective international environmental organizations, 
World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International, both of which are 
heavily involved with big, powerful corporations. I acknowledge that 
those corporations do some very bad things. But they also do some very 
good things on a large scale that their power makes them uniquely 
capable of doing. For example, Walmart has quietly been making  efforts 
to manage its supply chain, its wastes and its truck fleet sustainably — 
partly, but only partly, because it discovered that it can save money by 
doing so.


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