[Marxism] President Bernie Sanders?

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 04:41:54 MDT 2019

The "Republican Party" did not nominate TRUMP -- REpublican primary voters
swamped "the Republican party" ---

The "democratic establishment" may be terrified of Sanders (and plenty of
democrats may believe he can't beat Trump) -- but if Sanders wins primary
after primary and the "obama coalition" seems to be coming together to
support him -- (and he chooses, say, Kamala Harris as his running mate) ---
I believe most of the Democratic Establishment will work to elect him
because Trump has not just created horrible policies for the people and the
world, he has also supported the kind of changes that CLOSE OUT democratic
pols from exercising any power -- I'd bet that the "democratic
establishment" will believe they can "live with" a "President Sanders" ---

I may be wrong about whether the "democratic establishment" hates Trump and
fears a second term anywhere near as much as they should -- but I think
they do -- and I think the coalition that Pelosi is keeping together in the
House will end up supporting WHOEVER the dems nominate --

I believe Sanders and/or Warren are in many ways the only "non-corporate"
Democrats in the race and the only ones who will POSSIBLY push for policies
that will head off the worse disasters of global warming with some
"structural reforms" (how's that for jargon) of capitalism --

I just refuse to believe it's "too late" so maybe I'm grasping at straws

(Btw -- the reason I've put "democratic establishment" in quotes is because
the age of Trump has knocked most of what we always thought about politics
into a cocked hat --- and I'm not sure that there really is a "democratic
establishment" in the era of the internet --- at least not in the way Bill
Domhoff described in in FAT CATS and DEMOCRATS ....)

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> I think it's more likely, the Democrats would nominate the corpse of Lyndon
> LaRouche, because it would be less likely to say something objectionable.
> Should Sanders start winning primaries, the DNC will simply start changing
> the rules governing the selection of delegates--the old trick from 1968.
> And, if hell should freeze over and Sanders were to win the nomination, the
> DNC would surely hold a celebratory parade for him through Dallas . . .
> right past the school book depository.
> Of course, should the Democratic Party actually nominate even a nominal
> socialist, it might well require a reassessment of our understanding of the
> political order.
> I don't see any reason to expect that will happen.
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