[Marxism] President Bernie Sanders?

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Wed Apr 24 09:59:32 MDT 2019

Mark Lause wrote:

"If we want to learn from experience, we have to acknowledge that the
Democrats have not, in our lifetimes, ever nominated for president the most
progressive of their options.  Not once."

Well, that happened once within my lifetime, which was when they nominated George McGovern back in 1972.  McGovern was basically the Bernie of his day. In reality, he was well to the left of Bernie, especially on foreign policy issues. And what happened to McGovern after he got the nomination is, I think, instructive as to what the Democratic Party establishment will likely do if Bernie were to ever secure the party's nomination. Basically, the party establishment held back from full endorsement. Support from most of the leading figures in the party was tepid at most. And much of the party's establishment seemed to go out of its way to sabotage his candidacy, with the cooperation of the corporate media. For example, one of his domestic policy proposals was a guaranteed annual income, which was based on Milton Friedman's negative income tax idea. Actually, Nixon had a similar, but less generous version of the same idea too. But one would never have known any of this from the type of coverage that McGovern got in most of the mainstream media.

In the end, McGovern lost the election in a landslide, carrying just Massachusetts and DC. Probably no Democrat that year could have beaten Nixon, but the Democratic Party establishment and the corporate media went out their way to make sure that his defeat would be as devastating as possible.

Jim Farmelant
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