[Marxism] William Krehm, Canadian Trotskyist activist and Spanish Civil War veteran, Died at 105 | Dead Obituary

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William Krehm died this past Friday. While better known in recent years as the
founder and leader of COMER, the neo-social credit monetary reform outfit, Krehm
has a fascinating history as a Trotskyist in the 1930s when he was a member of
the Communist League of America, led a faction opposed to Maurice Spector, and
then left to join what became the   League for a Revolutionary Party (the
"Fieldites"), led by Krehm in Canada and which for a time, was larger in Toronto
than the Trotskyist organization of the time. In 1936, he went to Spain to
volunteer with the POUM in the Spanish Civil War, was in the same unit as Eric
Arthur Blair (George Orwell), and was jailed for three months by the Communists
when the POUM was outlawed.. He returned to Toronto and in 1938 organized an
anti-fascist counterprotest across from Massey Hall where Adrien Arcand's
fascists were holding a rally. He went to Mexico in 1940, and stood guard over
Trotsky's body at his funeral.

He then became a foreign correspondent for Time in Latin America, lost his job
after the Cold War made his views unpalatable, and ultimately returned to
Toronto where he abandoned left wing politics and first became a music critic
and then a real estate developer during the post-war property boom (and as such
campaigned against rent controls). Perhaps it's not surprising that when he
returned to political activity it wasn't as a socialist but as an advocate of
crackpot neo-social credit monetary theory.. 


Popplewell, Brett (May 18, 2008). "Toronto revolutionary, 93, girds for one more
battle". Toronto Star

Last Man Standing Of the 1,600 Canadians who volunteered to fight in the Spanish
Civil War, only one remains (The Walrus, December 2016)

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