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Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 20:18:14 MDT 2019

April 25 in NZ is Anzac Day, a day of commemoration for NZ's armed forces.
It's a public holiday, with loads of military remembrance gatherings across
the country.  These used to be very blatantly conservative affairs, but
these days they are quite pc, as the ruling class here is very pc.

Some Redline material:
Anzac Day tricks - from Bill Massey to Jacinda Ardern:

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern promised that this Labour-led government
would be "transformative".  But, as we predicted, it's essentially a
business-as-usual capitalist government.  Labour has even abandoned the
totally capitalistically-acceptable idea of a capital gains tax:

Recently we've run lesbian and gay male critiques of trans ideology.
Shortly we'll be running transexual critiques of trans ideology.  In the
meantime, some more Marxist critiques.  One from Britain's 'Weekly Worker'
and one from the US-based Red Feminism site:

And on the importance of free movement for the workers of the world, two

Lastly, the fallout from rugby player Israel Folau's comments on facebook
(it looks like his career in rugby in Australia is over):


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