[Marxism] NEWSMAX

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 06:33:00 MDT 2019

Don't know how many members of this list have the "pleasure" of receiving
bulletins from NEWSMAX.   It presents itself as an on line journal of
"conservative opinion" but it's really a caricature of right-wing talking

Though mostly, I delete it when it shows up in my in box (some friend must
have thought it a useful joke to subscribe me to it!) it is useful to have
a window on what these folks think will be effective -

Case in point -- a recent headline which states that AOC had said the
marginalized communities have "no choice" but to riot --

Of course that is NOT what AOC said --- she said the the various riots that
have occurred are the result of the extreme pressures that marginalized
communities are subjected to --- Newsmax of course is providing "evidence"
for their readers to claim that AOC is ENCOURAGING riots --- when in fact
she is EXPLAINING them --

The right wing always attacks when our side explains things -- they always
claim we are SUPPORTING or ENCOURAGING certain kinds of extremist behavior -

Now -- of course, sometimes we are ("to rebel is justified" -- Mao's
summary of all Marxism-Leninism!), but sometimes we aren't --

I am always reminded of that great passage of Mark Twain's from A
CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT where the narrator compares the
years and years of TERROR suffered by the French masses to the Year of "THE
TERROR" visited upon the upper classes by the French Revolutionaries ---
noting that the history books emphasize the short run terror that killed a
people in the hundreds (less?) rather than the decades of terror visited
upon the populations of monarchist Europe which killed people in the
thousands ---

So it goes .....

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