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Fri Aug 2 09:46:30 MDT 2019

Opening today at the Howard Gilman Theater in Lincoln Center, “Piranhas” 
is a coming-of-age film about 15-year-old wannabe gangsters living on 
the mean streets of Naples. It is based on a fact-based novel by Robert 
Saviano titled “La Paranza dei Bambini” that means “The Children’s 
Gang”, a much better title for a very good film.

Saviano also wrote another fact-based novel titled “Gomorrah”, which the 
2008 film of the same name was based on. If Alexander Stile’s “Excellent 
Cadavers: The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic” is the 
key text for understanding the Sicilian mafia, Saviano’s novels play the 
same role for the Camorra, the Naples-based mafia that is arguably more 
embedded in the Italian corporate state than its rivals and more 
destructive. Unlike the Sicilians, the Neapolitans do not have a 
hierarchical structure in which a top don controls the clans beneath 
him. More horizontal than vertical, the gangs in the Campania region of 
southern Italy are notorious for the bloody feuds that drive the 
narratives of films based on Saviano’s novels. This review will take up 
the two aforementioned films as well as “Gomorrah”, the two-season 
Italian TV series on Netflix that is based on Saviano’s novel with 
alternating directors, including Claudio Giovannesi who directed “Pirhanas”.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2019/08/02/piranhas-gomorrah/

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