[Marxism] Brittany Keiser, the liberal who worked for Cambridge Analytica

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Fri Aug 2 19:06:57 MDT 2019

Here’s a review of a new Netflix  film called “The Great Hack”. Well, a
review and a lot more. It features Brittany Kaiser, former worker for
Cambridge Analytica, the company that played such a big role in both
getting Trump elected and helping Brexit pass.

Among other things, it’s revealed that Cambridge Analytica worked closely
with Julian Assange. (What else is new?) The company also evidently
violated the law in several occasions. When that started to come out,
Kaiser fled to Thailand and then became a whistle blower. A liberal
Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter prior to working for Cambridge
Analytica, she claims she felt remorse at having helped get Trump elected.
But apparently she didn’t feel so much remorse as to prevent her from
applying for a promotion to a job in Mexico City. Nor did it stop her from
“hobnobbing around victory parties the night before Trump’s inauguration… She
dropped by one hosted by Britain’s Brexiteers and even made what she said
was a brief appearance at the Deploraball, an event including members of
what was then called the alt-right, who reveled in the strident, racially
charged rhetoric of Trump’s campaign.”

Following the election, she met with Assange. Here’s what happened,
according to her report evidently: ‘Assange mustered enough charisma to
calm Kaiser’s rising unease about the role Cambridge Analytica had played
in electing Trump. Assange assured her Trump was a better choice than
Clinton would have been, referencing some of the decisions she had made as
secretary of state. “The one who didn’t have blood on his hands won the
election,” Assange told her, according to her recollection.’

Eventually, with the FBI on her trail, she decided to cooperate with the
Mueller investigation, and now she claims to feel really badly about all
that she did to help both Trump and Brexit. Just as the prospect of hanging
helps concentrate the mind, the prospect of going to jail helps develop the
moral conscience. Or, put another way, the whole sordid tale shows how when
you scratch the surface of most liberals you will find just another

As for Assange: Sure I’m against his extraction to the US, but sympathy for
him? No, I don’t think so.


*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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