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I had posted on Corbyn before I read this piece by Richard Seymour on
Johnson ( I will not use the bastard's first name ever). As always with
Richard I am struck by his brilliance and then am left with a struggle
against depression usually of enormous dimensions. But first a very obvious
point. We are heading into a political crisis in the UK and that might well
tip us into a very deep economic crisis as well.

I keep getting asked what is going to happen and always I have to answer "I
do not know" and neither does anyone else. We have a first rate opportunist
up on the Tiger's back in the UK (ditto in the USA). Richard is correct to
say that if Johnson plays the race card he may well win a GE. But there
will be a terrible price to be paid for such a victory. Will he take the
"No Deal" door out of the EU & provoke an economic and political
catastrophe? Will he win the race election and then betray the Brexiters by
staying in the EU while continuing to negotiate another deal?

Let me try and rework these choices by going back into history. In WW2
Britain was facing defeat after the retreat from France. To get the US into
the war Churchill had to open his Empire to American interests. In other
words he played America against Europe but from a position of weakness.
Still it was a popular and successful move.Johnson too would like to play
America against Europe but Trump is no FDR and nearly (or possibly over)
half of the UK is pro-Europe. So a tilt towards Trump would be very
unpopular in the UK. Very. Besides what would it solve?

For me Johnson represents the last throw of the dice for a section of the
English ruling class. He is the inheritor of the ruling caste based
consciousness. But this consciousness is residual in political terms and
can only present it self in its clownish, eccentric bonhomie mode. The
laird must be full of pretended self mockery to distract the peasants from
noticing he is still in the mansion. Contrast that with Churchill who
presented himself in the heroic mode - We will fight them on the beaches

But there are lies a plenty clinging to the Churchill myth. He did not go
up North to address miners until after the fall of Stalingrad. & I would
bet all I have that the Communist Party facilitated & policed his visit.
Now the North of England has changed since the 1940s but still the
spectacle of Johnson getting pelted with rubber balls in Manchester will
have given the elite some pause.

So will caste make way at last for class in the UK? I suspect that there is
a good section of the bourgeoisie who are terrified of Johnson. They would
love to do a deal with Labour but the price they demand is the axing of
Corbyn. The Labour parliamentary party would deliver that in a flash but
the party membership would not.

For the moment Captain Johnson is in charge.  Or is he? I have tweeted that
he is like the prankster who has convinced everyone he is a brain surgeon.
Now in the theater the patient is on the table fully prepped and the nurses
and other doctors are looking at the Joker, who they think is brilliant
because he has been to Eton and it is time to operate.

We will see how he goes and very shortly too.



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> We have to prepare for the worst, but what is the worst?
> The predicament facing Boris Johnson is clear. He has just lost a
> byelection in a Leave constituency, Brecon and Radnorshire, to the
> largest Remain party in the constituency, the Liberal Democrats. Had he
> won the Brexit Party's vote, he would have held the seat. The fact is,
> even with Johnson threatening a 'no deal' Brexit, much of the Farageite
> hardcore just doesn't trust him. And they won't until he actually
> delivers. Now he has a majority of one.
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