[Marxism] [UCE] Wage Theft in Caracas: Venezuela is Not Simple, Government Court Jester Scribes Are

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Andrew Stewart seems to blame Venezuela's problems on Maduro.  According to Andrew, Chavez was a good leader but Maduro is a bad one:

"Maduro is not Chavez, who inspired his people, stood up to the United States with real courage and not by merely mouthing stale, Soviet-style rhetoric, and spent lavishly on housing, health care and food for the poor.  Chavez was a great revolutionary.  Maduro is a functionary who has allowed corruption to thrive and indisputably taken part in it".

This is a bit like blaming the degeneration of the Soviet Union on the personality of Stalin.  ("Lenin was a good leader, Stalin was bad one")

Certainly the quality of leadership important for any revolutionary process.  Undoubtedly Chavez was a much more inspiring leader than Maduro.

But objective factors are also crucial.  Writing about the early Soviet Union, Trotsky said:

"On the historic basis of destitution, aggravated by the destructions of the imperialist and civil wars, the 'struggle for individual existence' not only did not disappear the day after the overthrow of the bourgeoisie , and not only did not abate in the succeeding years, but, on the contrary, assumed at times an unheard-of ferocity".  (The Revolution Betrayed, Pathfinder Press, 1972, P. 56)

Trotsky also said:

"The basis of bureaucratic rule is the poverty of society in objects of consumption, with the resulting struggle of each against all".  (P. 112)

In the case of Venezuela, the objective situation has deteriorated markedly in recent years.  The US-led blockade has intensified, greatly exacerbating the "poverty of society in objects of consumption".  Left-leaning governments have been replaced by rightist governments in other Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil, deepening Venezuela's isolation.

For socialists in the United States and its allies such as Australia, campaigning against the blockade remains a crucial task.

Chris Slee

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