[Marxism] Open letter from Rodney Alvarez, political prisoner

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 05:04:49 MDT 2019

"To the venezuelan working class and the world proletariat:

After eight years in prison, I have understood that my case is not of a
penal nature, where as a citizen I have the right to prove my innocence
according to the bourgeois laws of the Venezuelan capitalist state. During
these eight years, I have been confined in several prisons, far from my
family and my life and work comrades. The Ferrominera company located in
the state of Bolívar, property of the Venezuelan State, fired me, took away
my salary and the benefits enjoyed by my three children under a collective

"In these eight years I have suffered three attempts against my life.
Today, as a result of this, I find my right hand crippled, the State that
boasts that the El Rodeo II prison is a model prison, has not guaranteed me
safety or medical attention. In these eight long years there have been few
hearings in the 12th Trial Court where the witnesses and experts promoted
by my defense have been able to testify, making it clear that there is no
element that incriminates me, proving that I am innocent. The few times
that the trial has advanced, it has been interrupted by the judge and the

read entire appeal here:

John Reimann
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