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This grissly misrepresents Populism, out of which the Socialist party

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> Thank you Louis -- I was totally convinced by the article -- I had no idea
> Carlson was such a DANGEROUS mix of accurate economic analysis and
> dangerous racism .....
> In the 1890s, the Populist Party for a brief moment made an effort to
> create a black and white alliance -- but after the 1896 elections, decided
> that the top dogs in the South had been able to "corral" the black vote ---
> so the Populists opted for disenfranchisement in the hope that they (the
> Populists) would command the white majority based on self-interest --
> But in fact from that point on, the only way to get elected in the South
> was to sound the alarm about black folks (using different language of
> course).
> The last gasp of the black-white alliance (which  included Populists) was
> the terorist insurrection that drove out the elected government of
> Wilminston, North Carolina in 1899 --- The novel THE MARROW OF TRADITION by
> Chesnut (sp?) is a pretty good fictionalization of some of what was going
> on there ... but I bet there are some good historical treatments as well.
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