[Marxism] The fascist manifesto | Richard Seymour on Patreon

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 07:03:14 MDT 2019

I had the disgusting responsibility of reading THE TURNER DIARIES back in
the 1980s --- I was totally shocked by it but not surprised that Timothy
MacVeigh was a devoted reader and "lesson learner" from that horrible
genocidal fantasy book ---

The fascist extremist need go no further than reading the TURNER DIARIES
and then setting out to "make it happen" -- that was what MacVeigh was
doing -- it was "propaganda by the deed" and all the right-wing extremists
from Ruby Ridge to El Paso are drinking the same kool aid ---

Just as international law enforcement has figured out ways to disrupt (and
in some cases take down) Al Qaeda and other international terrorist
organizations --- they need to put their minds towards doing the same with
the "children of Timothy MacVeigh" ---

Unfortunately, given the desire of the capitalist ruling class --- this
will be utilized by the establishment to further curtail civil liberties --

I am not sure there is a "sweet spot" for retaining liberties while
fighting the extreme right wing murderers --- We either "accept" these mass
killings like we "accept" the carnage on the highways or we give up even
more freedom --

I am really at a loss ....

The most important thing we can do however is to make sure that the average
citizen knows that the DANGER is from these right-wing fascists, not
immigrants seeking asylum or a better life for themselves and their
families ...

AT LEAST that part is a no-brainer ...

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