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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 7 11:20:57 MDT 2019

Louis, are you familiar with J. Sakai, the idiosyncratic Maoist best 
known for writing Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat? I’ve 
found his work on fascism to be incredibly prescient in light of the 
wave of white supremacist insurgency that we are now seeing—in the wake 
of Timothy McVeigh, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc., he pioneered many of the 
same discussions that we are now having. He, more than any other 
leftist, understands that there is a genuine contradiction between the 
interests of the imperialism of transnational capitalism and that of 
white settler society. (It’s not unusual for the interests of empire and 
its settlers to conflict—South Africa and Rhodesia seceded from the 
British Empire to preserve white dominance, after all.) The reason why 
Patrick Crusius’ manifesto, as well as Brenton Tarrant’s, sounds like it 
could have been written by a leftist in parts is because the far Right 
violently hates the same transnational capitalist regime (i.e., 
“globalists” in their idiom) that the Left hates, and it is on this 
basis that red-brown alliances are being made. (Notice how Crusius and 
Tarrant are not specifically concerned with Jews, the usual scapegoat 
the far Right invokes to spare their friends in the national 
bourgeoisie. No, their hatred is for the bourgeoisie in its entirety.) 
Indeed, if anything, the far Right represents an even larger threat to 
the neoliberal order than the Left does—McVeigh singlehandedly struck a 
far greater blow against USG than all the left-wing insurgent groups 
combined. Imagine what a thousand McVeighs could accomplish (and you’d 
better believe that there are at least a thousand McVeighs in waiting). 
To quote Sakai:

Obviously, rightist political views that touch on fascism are held by 
many white Americans. They’re conditionally loyal to the government (and 
in the government) only because their level of prosperity and privilege 
is so high that why should they lift their faces from the trough? But if 
the u.s. capitalist class left it to a “democratic” vote of its white 
citizens, known fascists like David Duke would be in the u.s. senate, 
there would be no W.T.O. but also no Civil Rights Act, and much of 
America would proudly fly the Confederate flag of the slavemasters. The 
imperialist State’s largest domestic security priority is not terrorism, 
the ghetto or the border as they pretend, but restraining and defusing 
white settler rebellion to the right.

Those flocking to the far Right know that their way of life is giving 
way to rapid desettlerization, that they are economically superfluous in 
an age when the global reserve army of labor could do their jobs for far 
cheaper, and that neoliberal governments and corporations alike are 
policing national majorities to suppress their ability to mobilize in 
resistance to their ongoing demographic minoritization. Sakai again:

That the u.s. was always an empire from day one. Always invading, 
colonizing, always occupying other peoples and nations. But we have to 
be careful that even with this valuable insight we don’t get misled by 
the past, that an old truth doesn’t accidentally obscure our vision of 
the new situation. The old white euro-settler society that was America 
is being ruthlessly torn down & remade, still stubbornly rooted in its 
stolen lands but no longer dominant on a world scale or even necessarily 
in North America. Like every other capitalist power, America is 
contributing its DNA to a world capitalism of a new type.

Just as so many white farmers in the Northern Plains states know how to 
raise commercial crops, run complex farm machinery, juggle agricultural 
chemicals, negotiate government and bank loans in the hundreds of 
thousands of dollars for their own lands and business. But they really 
aren’t needed anymore as a small business class (and the State is tired 
of subsidizing them). Globalized transnational capitalism can get cattle 
and wheat much cheaper in other countries. Most of those rural white men 
forced off the land and out of small towns, losing their independence as 
producers, make the jump to cities and ordinary jobs. Others can’t 
adjust to losing their middle class feelings of independence (government 
subsidized, of course). However they manage to survive, in their hearts 
they are drifting to the far right as enemies of the State and the banks 
and corporations that destroyed them. Like at Ruby Ridge. Like the tax 
refusers. Like the very successful violent movement to reclaim federal 
lands for free local settler exploitation.

And, as Arghiri Emmanuel has noted, imperialism is gradually abandoning 
its own kith and kin, its settler societies. We first saw this in Kenya 
in 1960, where the British settler colony was unceremoniously dumped 
after the Mau Mau Rebellion in favor of an Afrikan neo-colonial regime. 
Then in Algeria, where French imperialism gave up on what had by their 
laws been an actual province of France – and left a million French 
Algerian settlers to lose their farms and homes and possessions, to flee 
in a frenzied mass evacuation. Capitalism has no loyalties, after all, 
only interests (to paraphrase a famous statesman). It was only then that 
the colons and their military sympathizers sought an end to French 
bourgeois democracy, to start a new fascist interlude. Even in North 
America settlers are being told by imperialism to move over and make 
room for new immigrants from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and 
Afrika. To pay the bill as the state gives back some land and 
reparations and tax concessions to Native nations. And they certainly 
hate it!

The phenomenon of right-wing anti-interventionism is no mystery once you 
understand that they are settlers on strike. America’s settlers are 
coming to realize that the empire is not holding up its end of the 
bargain in return for their loyalty. They get shipped off to Afghanistan 
to fight at the side of pedophile warlords only to return home to a 
country where gay marriage is now constitutional law and they have to 
dial 1 for English. The global war on terror offered a temporary 
reprieve from this conflict (hence why the 2000s were relatively devoid 
of the militia violence that characterized the 1990s) by promising to 
restore the settler compact by creating a state of permanent war abroad, 
but Bush never actually created the fascist evangelical crusader 
theocracy that liberals like me at the time thought was coming into 
being. It wasn’t that he was foiled in his attempt to do so but that he 
had no interest in it in the first place. Once even the slowest rubes 
got wise to this charade, Trump’s hijacking of the Republican Party was 

The United States never went for fascism because settlerism filled the 
same niche, complete with genocide. Now that settlerism is in its death 
throes, the fascist insurgency is taking off to reclaim all that they 
have lost. Like the Boers, they conceive themselves as 
“anti-imperialists” fighting an empire hostile to the maintenance of 
their racial hegemony—and they are not entirely wrong about that. Expect 
more red-brown politics. The far Right is moving beyond mere 
anti-Semitism and accusing the entire capitalist class of complicity in 
their demographic decline. Already, it’s not uncommon to see 
right-wingers cautiously praising the actually existing socialist 
countries for the socially conservative qualities.

Sakai’s written extensively on the green-red-brown alliance, as well. 
Let’s not forget that Werner Vogel, the former Bundestag representative 
who was once president of the German Greens, the leading party of its 
kind, was not only a card-carrying Nazi, but an unrepentant Sturmführer 
veteran (not to mention a serial pedophile). The Greens were also 
cofounded by Baldur Springmann, a Schutzstaffel veteran who preached the 
need for “biological revolution” and “social hygiene” through 
ecofascism. Indeed, the Greens early on were more brown than red.

The Sakai articles to read are:

* The Shock of Recognition
* McAntiwar
* When Race Burns Class
* The Green Nazi

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